Wisunarat Temple - Luang Prabang

Wisunarat Temple

Steeped in ancient history,
Wat Wisunarat stands as a testament
to Luang Prabang's rich spiritual heritage.

Standing as a testament to Luang Prabang's rich history, Wat Wisunarat, dating back to 1513,
claims the title of the city's oldest Buddhist temple. Named after King Wisunarat (Visoun),
who ruled from 1501 to 1520, it once served as the prestigious Museum of Religious Arts,
showcasing treasures related to Buddhism and the royal family. Even today, visitors can
admire a collection of opulently gilded Buddha statues and ancient stones whisper stories of
the 15th century, a gift from Prince Phetsarat following a turbulent invasion.

Tragically, the temple's past holds scars. The infamous Black Haw once broke open the stupa,
leaving with a trove of priceless Buddha images crafted from jade, gold, and precious gems.

While the revered Pha Bang Buddha now resides in the Royal Palace Museum, its presence at
Wat Wisunarat from 1507 to 1715 adds another layer of historical significance to this ancient

With its captivating blend of architectural grandeur and historical whispers, Wat Wisunarat
remains a must-see for anyone seeking to delve into the heart of Luang Prabang.

Opening hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.