MyBanLao Hotel - Luang Prabang

MyBanLao Hotel

A timeless Eco-Luxury Hotel,
Where you arrive as our guest and
depart as our Family

The historic hotel, once the CIA Headquarters in the 1960s, has undergone a thoughtful transformation and reopened in the post-pandemic era. The original colonial architecture has been carefully preserved, allowing it to share a captivating narrative, telling a compelling story of its past.

Villa Ban Lao has been transformed into the sophisticated neo-classic charm of MyBanLao, adhering to UNESCO construction codes to preserve its heritage. MyBanLao offers 60 spacious rooms, ranging from 32 to 52 square meters, distributed across eight buildings. With five distinct room types, guests can enjoy a diverse and refined accommodation experience.

Immerse in sustainable tourism at MyBanLao, where we seamlessly blend luxury with an eco-friendly "one health" philosophy. Our commitment ensures a responsible approach to hospitality, uniting environmental consciousness with the guest experience.

While not immediately apparent, our parking area at MyBanLao is embellished with 120 solar panels discreetly supporting a sustainable energy initiative. These panels contribute energy to a sophisticated battery network, serving as a reliable backup system. Additionally, MyBanLao proudly embraces an eco-conscious approach by exclusively using electric vehicles, including cars, scooters, and motorbikes.


在遵循联合国教科文组织的保护文化遗产建筑的规则前提下,Ban Lao别墅经过改建,焕发出MyBanLao(满家乐)精致而又不失新颖的古典魅力, MyBanLao拥有60间宽敞的客房,面积从32到52平方米不等,分布在八栋建筑中;且拥有五种独特的房型,客人可以享受多样化且精致的住宿体验。



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