Longkhun Temple - Luang Prabang

Longkhun Temple

Across the Mekong River,
nestled in the village of Ban Xieng Maen,
lies Wat Long Khun,
a simple yet intriguing temple steeped in
royal history.

Unlike the ornate splendor of many Laotian temples, Wat Long Khun's charm lies in its
quietude and its unique connection to Luang Prabang's monarchy. Before ascending the
throne, kings of Luang Prabang spent their monastic period within these humble walls.

Though not conventionally beautiful, the temple holds an undeniable fascination. Ancient
stupas and faded frescoes whisper tales of a bygone era, yearning for restoration. A short
walk away, nestled within a hill, lies the intriguing Sakkalin Cave (Wat Tham Sakkalin),
accessible only with keys kept at Wat Long Khun.

Wat Long Khun may not be the most dazzling temple, but its historical whispers and quiet
charm offer a unique glimpse into Luang Prabang's past and the lives of its kings.