Hmong Village - Luang Prabang


Home to the Hmong tribe, known for their vibrant textiles and community spirit, this is a place to immerse yourself in the warm embrace of a simple yet remarkable people.

Just about 30mins drive from the heart of Luang Prabang is where you will find the Ban Na Huang Village, a resettlement area for the Hmong tribe who used to live in the high mountains of Laos. 

Most of the houses you will find here are made from wood, which shows how simple the life of the people living there is. You will see kids playing outside without gadgets, yet still finding themselves entertained and happy. You will see moms carrying their children by a cloth wrapped around them while preparing food to cook outside the house. Men bring wood from the mountain and are the ones who make fire.  

Along the village, there are some houses that sell woven handicrafts made by locals, such as wallets, key chains, bags, bracelets, and cloth. It’s nice to buy something from there, as you know that you get to help the villagers meet their needs, and the items they are selling are nicely made and make good gifts back home.

• Hmong wooden houses
• Hmong Handicrafts
• Immerse to Hmongs simple and humble kind of living

Visiting Information:
• Opening hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily
• Dress code: No dresscode needed
• Location: Na Auan Village

Additional Tips:
• Don’t come too early cause you might not see anything yet. Stores usually started opening before 9am.
• We highly suggest that you buy stuff from them as a simple thank you for welcoming you into their village

(as there is no entrance fee too).