Henri Mouhot's Tomb - Luang Prabang


For a true thrill of exploration,
embark on a quest to find
the tomb of Henri Mouhot.
Nestled within the quiet depths of the forest,
this hidden resting place sees few visitors,
offering a unique and adventurous experience
for those who dare to seek it.

Henri Mouhot was born in France in 1826. He was a naturalist and explorer who is best
known for his rediscovery of the ruins of Angkor Wat in 1861 and its popularization to the western world.

Mouhot's journey to Angkor was part of a larger expedition to explore Southeast Asia. He had
been fascinated by the region since he was a child, and he was determined to see the ancient
Khmer temples for himself.

Mouhot did not live to see fame. He died of malaria in the Laotian jungle, during his fourth
expedition in 1861, at the age of 35 only. He was buried near the French mission in Naphan,
near Luang Prabang.

Mouhot's tomb, lost in the jungle, was accidentally rediscovered in 1990.

Mouhot's legacy is one of discovery and adventure. He was a pioneer in the exploration of
Southeast Asia, and his work helped to shape our understanding of the region's rich history
and culture.

Location: 7 km east from Luang Prabang centre