Buffalo Farm Experience - Luang Prabang

Buffalo Farm Experience

Dip in yourself in a fun-filled farm experience for the entire family, creating lasting memories.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Laotian agriculture and experience it for yourself. The Laos Buffalo Dairy farm is dedicated to sustainable farming and strives to enhance rural prosperity through responsible farming practices.

The dairy farm also provides tours for visitors to experience their farming practices, including feeding the buffalo, giving them baths, and milking. Additionally, visitors can explore their pig and rabbit farm, and have the opportunity to touch and feed the animals.

It's a perfect family escape, as children are encouraged to immerse themselves in all the farm activities.

In addition to the farm experience, they also have a cafe where you can enjoy their buffalo dairy products such as milk, cheese, pies and ice cream, all while taking in the stunning farm view in front of you.

• Bathing the Buffalo
• Children get to touch different kind of farm animals such as rabbits and pigs.
• They offer various flavors of ice cream that you will surely enjoy. 

Visiting Information
• Opening hours: 9:30AM to 5:00 PM daily
• Dress code: No dresscode needed, but must wear some hats and sunscreen if you come visit in the afternoon.
• Location: Ban Muang Khay, Luang Prabang

Additional Tips
• Their location on the way to Kuangsi Falls makes it a convenient and enjoyable side trip to include in your itinerary.
• If you visit in a group, we recommend ordering a variety of ice cream flavors to share and taste with everyone.
• The best time to visit is in the morning or around 3:30 pm when the sun's heat is not at its extreme.