Ban Chan Potter Village - Luang Prabang


Experience the traditional craft of pottery-making from a small, tight-knit community situated on the opposite bank of the scenic Mekong River.

Across the Mekong River, just a short 10-minute boat ride away, lies the quaint village of Ban Tjan/Ban Chan, where skilled villagers have mastered the art of pottery. This craft is not only about creativity, but also serves as a means of livelihood for the community.

The villagers are adept at crafting a variety of pottery items, including pots, figurines, plates, vases, garden floorings and bells. This time-honored tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, and continues to serve as the primary source of income for many of the villagers.

Visitors to the pottery village are granted the opportunity to observe the intricate process of pot-making, from the initial shaping and design stages all the way to the final firing process. The friendly locals are more than willing to answer any questions and cater to your needs, ensuring an enriching and informative experience.

• Learn the art of making pots
• Get to buy items on a cheap price

Visiting Information:
• Opening hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily
• Dress code: No dresscode needed
• Location: Ban Chan, Luang Prabang

Additional Tips:
• Pot making starts around 9 am, and you will see a handful of potters creating different items.
• They also sell Japanese-inspired items that are lovely to have as well!