A time for togetherness returns! Buddhist Lent commences - Luang Prabang

Begin Of Buddhist Lent

In Southeast Asia, Buddhist Lent (Khao Phansa) is a 3-month period for monks to focus on study and meditation within temples.

Beyond Monastic Practice: A Time for Lay Observance and Merit-Making

While the core emphasis of Khao Phansa lies in monastic practice, it also holds significant meaning for lay Buddhists. Many devotees utilize this period to intensify their own spiritual endeavors by engaging in merit-making activities. These may include

Offering Alms to Monks: This act of generosity is considered a cornerstone of merit-making during Khao Phansa.
Observing Additional Precepts: Some lay Buddhists choose to undertake additional vows, such as abstaining from meat or alcohol, for the duration of the Rains Retreat.
Participating in Temple Ceremonies: Buddhist temples frequently hold special ceremonies and teachings throughout Khao Phansa, fostering opportunities for community engagement and spiritual connection.